Pix Pintxos

Inspired by the pintxo bars of San Sebastian & Barcelona, Pix Bar offers an array of tapas and delicious Spanish wines.

Pix Soho re-opening on the 12th April with fabulous heated gazebo on Bateman Street

Our COVID-19 measures

We’re delighted to announce that Pix Soho will re-open on Monday April 12th, with increased safety measures and some very exciting developments.

The big news is the opening of our fantastic heated gazebo dining area on Bateman Street, open Monday to Friday from 18:00pm, and from midday at weekends.

Indulge in your favourite Pintxos, down a few cocktails and enjoy the atmosphere with our legendary playlists and the best bartenders in town - whilst maintaining the highest possible safety standards and minimum 1m social distance in the open (ish) air.

Bateman Street Soho


Nestling discreetly in the pulsating heart of Soho and surrounded by some of the Capital’s most notorious venues, our Bateman Street older brother is definitely the night owl of the family.

During the day, it’s a relaxed mix of in-the-know media professionals and the colourful local characters who exemplify this unique area. By night it’s a bristling cocktail of friends and food, dates and darkness, neon and Negroni - everything you’d hope from a night out in the West End. And if you think the person sitting next to you looks like that girl from your favourite show, she probably is.

But this is Soho, and beneath the surface there’s always more going on. It’s simply a matter of being adventurous enough to ask..

16 Bateman Street
Soho, London
0207 437 0377

Maximum reservation size - 8 people