Pix Pintxos

Inspired by the pintxo bars of San Sebastian & Barcelona, Pix Bar offers an array of tapas and delicious Spanish wines.

Pix Soho & Carnaby now open  including fabulous outdoor seating on Bateman Street

Our COVID-19 measures

We’re delighted to announce that Pix Soho and Pix Carnaby are now open, with increased safety measures and some very exciting developments.

Socially distant dining in our new seating area.

The big news is the launch of our fantastic new dining area on Bateman Street, open Monday to Friday from 5:30pm, and from midday at weekends.

Indulge in your favourite pintxos, down a few cocktails and enjoy the summer festival atmosphere with our legendary playlists and the best bartenders in town – whilst maintaining the highest possible safety standards and minimum 1m social distance in the open(ish) air.

Inside seating is still available (though there’s less of it), and Rooms By The Hour is also back.

Food Service. We bring the bar to you.

Don’t worry, we’re still serving all your favourite pintxos, but now we’re actually serving them – so no trips to the bar for a while. Instead, we’ve got projectors and tablets showing live updates as dishes become available, so you can order from your table.

PPE and sanitisation.

Hand sanitiser: Every time guests enter the building or the street seating area they will be asked to sanitise their hands at our supervised alcohol-free sanitisation station by the front door. There is another station in the basement next to the toilets which we encourage everyone to use before returning upstairs.

We will maintain a 20minute hand sanitisation register for all staff.

Face cover: Staff will be wearing visors at all times.

Cutlery: We will provide individually wrapped disposable cutlery (like on planes).

Drinks lists: We’ll give you a printed drinks list. Keep it as a souvenir of your wonderful time at Pix!

Opening hours

For the time being we will be open during the following hours:
Monday to Friday - Open from 5:30pm
Saturday And Sunday - Open from 12:30pm (midday)


Inspired by the pintxo (or pincho) bars of San Sebastian and Barcelona, Pix invites you to sample our tantalising array of Basque miniature tapas, while enjoying the exceptionally friendly and vibrant atmosphere in some of London’s most iconic locations.

Whether it’s a promising first date, after-work livener or group celebration; our ever-changing selection of pintxos, exclusive hand-picked Spanish wines and indulgent cocktails are sure to delight all tastes and appetites.

As you’ll discover, our food and drink reflects real passion and creativity, but the way we deliver it creates a uniquely relaxed and free-flowing experience, ensuring you’ll leave feeling replenished on every level.